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RentGrade Pro

Ideal for Property Managers and Landlords with 1-1000+ units. RentScreener's in-house screening team will run the reports from the bureaus and put together a RentReport which includes a RentGrade along with any criminal and eviction reports.

Your custom application fee, up to $99
RentGrade Reports - $30/report
Optional TransUnion Screening - prices vary

Add TransUnion Screening to your RentGrade Pro Account

TransUnion Integration is recommended for Property Managers that need to get reports directly from the bureau and run a credit, criminal, and eviction check on applicants. This allows you to set up a RentScreener Account and set your own Application Fee up to $99.00 and Customizable Application. With a full TransUnion integration, you can process an applicant in under 30 seconds.

This account setup takes longer (up to 3 weeks) due to the TransUnion Membership Process you will have to undergo if you should decide to go this route.

Requirements for TransUnion Membership Process

You MUST pass the Onsite Inspection of your Office. The same requirements MUST be met for a Home Office.

  • A dedicated office separate from any living space and not shared - home office space is also required to have a lock on the door
  • Your company name on the sign outside of building/door
  • Office space equipped with a computer that has a password for login and not shared with any other business
  • Shredder
  • File cabinet that locks
  • You also must agree not to share or pass along any information from the credit report to anyone (owners, landlords, third parties)
  • TransUnion Screening Packages

    Please contact us for pricing as each package varies in cost

    • Credit Only (Credit Report with Credit Recommendation)
    • Credit, Eviction (Credit Report Only and Eviction)
    • Credit, Sex Offender Only, Eviction (Credit Report, Sex Offender Only, and Eviction)
    • Credit Rec, Eviction (Credit Report w/ Recommendation and Eviction Only)
    • CR Lite (Credit Report Only and National Criminal Search)
    • CR Lite Plus (Credit Report Only, National Criminal Search, and Eviction)
    • Basic (Credit Report w/ Recommendation and National Criminal Search)
    • Basic Plus (Credit Report, National Criminal w/ Recommendation, National Eviction w/ Recommendation)
    • Standard (Credit Report w/ Recommendation, National Criminal w/ Recommendation, and Eviction)
    • Standard Plus (Credit Report w/ Recommendation, National Criminal w/ Recommendation, National Eviction w/ Recommendation)
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This will allow you to set up a RentScreener Account and Customizable Application set with your own application fee up to $99.00.

  • No cost to you to set up an account.
  • Custom application fee up to $99 allows you to generate revenue with each application.
  • You can pay the $10 convenience fee, or you can pass this cost to the Applicant.
  • Make changes to your account and application yourself at any time.
  • Applicant Screening through your RentScreener Account.
  • Select your ideal TransUnion Screening Package.
  • Select a Screening Package with Recommendation and set your own Credit Criteria with TransUnion.
  • View the Full Credit Report, National Criminal and Eviction Reports yourself.
  • You decide whether the Applicant is a good fit for your property.
Transunion Dashboard

How It Works

  • To get started, submit the ProForm on our website.
  • RentScreener's team will create the Pro Account of your choice and contact you for information needed to build out your account and application.
  • Select the TransUnion Screening Package of your choice (this will be provided to you by our team).
  • You will begin the TransUnion Membership Process which is a 2-3 weeks process.
  • You will review your RentScreener account settings and application verbiage with our team. Once you are approved by TransUnion, our team will launch your online application and provide you with your unique application URL.
  • Invite an applicant to apply online or guide them to your website to apply.
  • Your applicant fills out the online application and pays your customized application fee per applicant.
  • You will run the screening of your applicants within your account.
  • You will view the Credit Report, National Criminal Report and National Eviction Report* (depending on which screening package you select with TransUnion) which will contain all of the information you need to determine if you should place the applicant in your property.

*Account setup takes 2-3 weeks depending on your approval from TransUnion.

*RentScreener does not make any decisions (acceptance, denial, contingent, etc.) on behalf of the property management company or landlords that use our service. All final decisions for acceptance or denial of an applicant(s) will come directly from the property management company or landlord the applicant has applied with.

RentScreener collects a $10.00 Convenience Fee for each applicant that applies and remits the application fee back to you twice a month on the 15th and end of each month (28, 30, 31) once your balance reaches a minimum of $50.00.

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Optional TransUnion Screening Reports

Calculate Cost

1. Determine who pays the $10 convenience fee

2. Set your application fee (up to $99)

0 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 100

3. Example TransUnion Screening Fee

TransUnion package prices vary. Using $16 as an example only

Application Fee:

Convenience Fee (paid by ):

Total Cost per :

Example TransUnion Screening Fee:

Application Fee Remitted Back to You:

Ready to Get Started or Have Questions?

Fill out the form below and we will be in touch!

Note: if you are an Applicant and fill out the form below, RentScreener will not reply. All application questions must be directed to the Landlord/PM you are applying with.

All Applicant support and questions regarding your application, status of your application and refunds, or any of the common issues listed below, will need to be addressed to the Property Management Company or Landlord they are applying with, not by RentScreener.

Common Issues:

  • What is the status of my application?
  • Did you receive the documents I emailed?
  • Why was I denied?
  • Please refund my application fee.
  • How do I get a copy of my credit report?
  • How do I change or add information to the application I submitted?
  • I want to withdraw my application.
  • Did you receive my application?
  • Why do I see a charge from RentScreener?
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