What is RentGrade and why does it matter?

A RentGrade is a tenant risk solution that predicts the probability that a tenant will pay their rent on time and fulfill the financial obligations of their lease. RentGrade allows landlords to make a decision quickly using the same powerful tools that the pros use, but packaged into an easy to understand letter grade.

Smaller landlords cannot access tenant credit scores without a financial audit, and a site inspection from one of the credit bureaus. RentScreener has already passed all compliance, and we use our standing with the bureaus to obtain this information and pass it on to you in the form or a RentGrade. Each RentGrade is based on the tenant screening policies of hundreds of property managers nationwide. Here is what each RentGrade means:

Make a more informed decision on a rental applicant by inviting them to apply online. We will screen the applicant and provide you with a RentGrade.

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Factors that comprise the RentGrade

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So, what is a RentGrade?

RentGrade is a risk measurement score that tells you the likelihood of a tenant to default on rent.


  • There are many factors to consider when viewing application data.
  • Landlords must follow the Federal Fair Credit Reporting Act.
  • Small landlords cannot view credit information without credit bureau approval.
  • Credit bureaus are not authorized to release information to anyone who has not gone through compliance.
  • Restrictions make it hard for small businesses and home offices to obtain the necessary information to make informed rental decisions.
  • Credit Bureaus will not review compliance worthiness for landlords without undergoing their membership process for approval.


  • RentScreener has already passed compliance so you don't have to.
  • RentScreener is designed to allow even the smallest landlords to screen an applicant online.
  • RentScreener allows landlords to be unbiased and objective in their screening process.
  • RentScreener uses the most advanced ResidentScore model to predict an applicant's probability of paying their rent on time.
  • RentGrade allows landlords to make more informed decisions without violating applicants privacy.

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