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Basic RentGrade Pro Application Only TransUnion
Screening Integration
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RentScreener Processing Fee $5 per applicant
(Included in
screening fee)
$5 per applicant
(Included in
screening fee)
$5 per applicant $5 per applicant
Screening Fee $39 per applicant $30 per applicant N/A Prices Vary
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Customizable Application Fee
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RentScreener's Payment Portal Accepts ALL Major Credit Cards (We do not accept Pre-Paid Cards or Gift Cards)

RentGrade Basic:

RentGrade Basic is available for Landlords and Property Managers with a few Rentals. Accept applications online and receive a RentReport to make an informed rental decision safely and securely without having to handle your applicant's SSN, credit score or other sensitive information. RentGrade Basic was created to give individual landlords the same powerful tenant screening tools as larger property management companies.

RentGrade Basic customers use our online rental application and screening services to receive a RentReport with a RentGrade to help you select a qualified tenant. For this option, there is no cost to you to setup an account. The Tenant pays the $39.00 application fee at the time of submitting their application. An applicant that submits their application successfully will receive a message from RentScreener saying thank you for applying and it will give the applicant their application number to refer to when communicating with you and a Payment Receipt.

RentGrade Pro:

RentGrade Pro is ideal for landlords and property managers with 10-100 units and would like RentScreener's Screening Team to run their applicants full Credit, National Criminal and Eviction Reports. RentScreener's in house screening team will run the reports from the bureaus and put together a RentReport. This includes a RentGrade along with any criminal and eviction reports found. RentScreener is unable to disclose any information from the Credit Report (ie: Credit Scores, but we will give you a 49 point range 700-749). A RentReport contains RentGrade (Financial Risk Factor), Income to Rent Ratio, National Eviction Report, and National Criminal Report from TransUnion. The cost of the RentReport is $30.00 each applicant screened. There are no monthly or annual fees for a property manager to use RentScreener Pro.

RentGrade Pro customers cannot access tenant credit scores without a financial audit, and a site inspection from one of the credit bureaus. RentScreener has already passed all compliance, and we use our standing with the bureaus to obtain this information and pass it on to you in the form or a RentGrade. Each RentGrade is based on the tenant screening policies of hundreds of property managers nationwide. Learn more about RentGrade.

Application Only:

Utilizing our RentScreener Service just for Application Only and you do the Tenant Screening with an external screening system. This will allow you to set up a RentScreener Account and Customizable Application set with your own application fee. RentScreener collects a $5.00 Convenience Fee for each applicant that applies and remits the application fee back to you twice a month on the 15th and 30th once your application balance reaches a minimum of $50.00.

RentScreener Pro for Landlords and Property Managers:

RentScreener Pro is for Landlords and Property Managers. There are two options for Pro customers that combines both a secure online rental application with flexible screening options to create a full management system to handle inbound applications. Whether you're a small landlord and property manager, or have teams of leasing agents processing hundreds of applications per week, RentScreener has the perfect solution for your company. There are no fees or costs for a property manager to use RentScreener Pro. You simply set your application price and a $5 processing fee is added to your applicants checkout process. This process fee covers the merchant fees, gateway fees, transaction fees, refunds, chargebacks, software, and website support. The application fees we collect are placed into an escrow account and remitted to you twice a month via ACH Direct Deposit.

How is the Money Handled? We provide a payout report detailing all charges received, all processing fees collected, all screening fees incurred, and refunds issued.

RentScreener Pro:

TransUnion Integration: is recommended for Property Managers with multiple units (contact us for more details). This allows you to set up a RentScreener Pro Account and Customizable Application plus get reports directly from the bureau to run a credit, national criminal and eviction check on your applicants. With a full TransUnion integration, you can process an applicant in under 30 seconds. Please note that TransUnion membership approval can take up to 14 business days.

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