Tenants Can Make Your Rental Property Easier to Manage
By Kaitlin Yezek 27 Jan 2021
Managing a rental property can be an intimidating process. Making it easier in the long run starts with placing a qualified tenant.We don’t have to tell you how important it is to select great tenants. We also don’t have to tell you how difficult that can be. Potentia...
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Pricing Your Rental Application
By Kaitlin Yezek 25 Jan 2021
Processing an applicant for a rental property can create expenses that need to be considered when pricing the rental application. This can also depend on whether you are collecting an application online or on paper.If you are taking an application online some of the items to cons...
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RentScreener Pro Account Packages Explained
By Kaitlin Yezek 25 Sep 2020
TransUnion Screening Integration**Membership Required**This allows you to set up a RentScreener Account along with a customizable application template. You can set your own application fee (up to $99.00). You will receive reports directly from TransUnion the credit bureau and run...
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3 Ways RentScreener Can Help You During The Pandemic
By Kaitlin Yezek 22 Jul 2020
In times of uncertainty there are 3 questions as a landlord or property manager you should be able to answer. How can I best serve my tenants and owners during social distancing protocols? How can I lower the risk of non-payments /evictions during times of high unemployment rates...
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TransUnion tenant-screening inquiries moving to a “soft” inquiry instead of a “hard” inquiry
By Renee Macri 29 Jun 2020
Starting on Wednesday, July 8 2020, all TransUnion tenant-screening inquiries will result in a “soft” inquiry instead of a “hard” inquiry. Soft inquiries don’t affect a consumer’s credit score, which means they can now apply to be screened with...
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