RentScreener Pro Account Packages Explained
By Kaitlin Yezek 25 Sep 2020
TransUnion Screening Integration**Membership Required**This allows you to set up a RentScreener Account along with a customizable application template. You can set your own application fee (up to $99.00). You will receive reports directly from TransUnion the credit bureau and run...
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3 Ways RentScreener Can Help You During The Pandemic
By Kaitlin Yezek 22 Jul 2020
In times of uncertainty there are 3 questions as a landlord or property manager you should be able to answer. How can I best serve my tenants and owners during social distancing protocols? How can I lower the risk of non-payments /evictions during times of high unemployment rates...
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TransUnion tenant-screening inquiries moving to a “soft” inquiry instead of a “hard” inquiry
By Renee Macri 29 Jun 2020
Starting on Wednesday, July 8 2020, all TransUnion tenant-screening inquiries will result in a “soft” inquiry instead of a “hard” inquiry. Soft inquiries don’t affect a consumer’s credit score, which means they can now apply to be screened with...
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