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Kohva is more than a company; it is a family. We are a group of people who are dedicated to the property management industry and have come together to provide a higher level of service and software. From our designers and engineers who are creating the next generation of property management technology, to the project managers and customer support who ensure our customers have the best experience possible, our mission is to innovate and provide leading technology, tools and services for the property management community.

RentScreener was created from a basic client need: accept a secure online rental application. While working with property managers on their marketing solutions, we found that one of the biggest requests from property managers was to put their own rental application online. One that does everything online that they used to do offline.

In 2013, we brought our industry knowledge and product development expertise together to provide our customers a solution that combined their paper application with the security and features of an online management system. This is how RentScreener was born.

With our powerful, integrated setup of marketing solutions, coupled with our in-house design and development team, we have been able to create an application management system that has transformed our property manager's businesses.

Picture of Kaitlin Yezek
Kaitlin Yezek Support Specialist
Picture of Renee Macri
Renee Macri Business Development Manager
Picture of Anthony Yezek
Anthony Yezek Chief Financial Officer
Picture of Jim Dubreville
Jim Dubreville Lead Engineer
Picture of Clay Carter
Clay CarterCo-Founder

Picture of Dave Borden
Dave BordenCo-Founder

Picture of Jonathan Ewen
Jonathan Ewen Co-Founder & Chief Technology Officer

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