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Screening your Rental Applications

With RentScreener Pro, you have the option to screen your applicants how you need in order to make the most informed decisions. Below are the different screening options available for your RentScreener PRO account. Once you have accepted a rental application through RentScreener, you can then screen your applicant using one of the following options easily integrated into your system. Call us today with any questions at 1-800-921-3638.

Screening with TransUnion

Recommended for property managers with 100+ units

Get reports directly from the bureau and run a credit, criminal and eviction check on your applicant. With a full TransUnion integration, you can process an applicant in under 30 seconds. Never retype information of have to pass along an applicants info third party company. Contact us today and start your account setup and compliance process. You will be walked through the account setup process with a representative.

Once you have your account setup, you can accept rental application to your RentScreener account and with a single click, have a the full reports for your applicant to make informed decisions.

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Screening with RentGrade

Ideal for landlords with 10-100 units

Make an informed decision without having to go through the compliance setup process. Set your RentScreener PRO account to screen with RentGrade and remove the subjectivity from the screening process. With RentGrade, once you receive an application, RentScreener's in house screening team with run the reports from the bureaus and put together a RentReport which includes a RentGrade along with any criminal and eviction reports. A RentGrade is a decision score on the likely that you should rent your property to the applicant.

The RentReport is everything you need to make an informed decision while staying objective. Process an applicant without having to deal with the security of handling social security numbers and sensitive data. Keep you and your applicant safe with RentGrade.

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Application Only

Use your own Screening Solution

Ideal for property managers with a third party screening system

For specific county and local laws that require you to use a local screening company, RentScreener PRO with application only gives you the tools you need to securely collect an online rental application while using a local screening option. Keep you applicants data secure by inviting your screening company as a user to take the applicants data without breaking data security rules and emailing information back and forth.

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