Accept applications online and receive a RentReport to make an informed decision. No need to handle applicant's sensitive data.

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Make an informed rental decision safely and securely without having to handle your applicant's SSN, credit score or other sensitive information. We handle all of this for you so you stay out of trouble. Everybody wins.

Invite Applicant

Invite an applicant to apply online by creating an account and inviting them to fill out an application.

Applicants Apply Online

Your tenant fills out the online application and pays the $39 application fee to submit the application.

We Screen

A RentScreener agent will screen the applicant with the information directly from the bureau & create a RentReport.

You Decide

You will receive a notification for the RentReport with all of the information necessary to make an informed decision


Make more informed decisions

Learn how RentGrade works and how it can help you make better decisions.

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A Smarter Way to Screen Prospective Tenants

Worry not what RentScreener can do for you, but what you can do with a RentScreener RentReport.

// Tools on the Go

RentScreener was created to give individual landlords the same powerful tenant screening tools as property management companies. We understand that selecting a quality tenant can mean the difference between a profitable and un-profitable investment property. RentScreener contains all of the tools necessary to insure that the tenants you place into your properties will pay their rent on time, increasing your chances at a successful real estate investment.

Pre-made Rental Application +

Don't have time to customize your application or don't know what your application should include? Our default rental application includes all of the most important questions to effectively screen your applicants.

Want to customize your application? Use the application builder to modify your application in real time. Turn sections on and off, ask questions and set terms, accept documents and decide what is required for an applicant to submit an application for your property.

Security: Online vs Offline +

Securely move your application online. From the data collection to the notifications, each part of the RentScreener system has been carefully designed and architected to keep the applicant's data secure. This includes the submission, transmission, and storage of all data that goes through the system.

Built in eSignatures +

Accept both signed and drawn signatures electronically. Apply signatures to the application and any addenda. Need applicants to initial certain terms? We can handle that too. Our electronic signatures work on any device.

With the new application and signatures you can accept a signed application on a tablet before leaving the showing.

Payment Processing +

With built in payment processing, there is no need for a merchant account. In fact, RentScreener pays for all of the integrated tools and handles the merchant account so you can get a decision on a rental property without handling money. Your applicant will be charged an application fee that covers the cost of processing the application, as well as screening and all other fees. RentScreener handles all of the payment processing securely so you can check that off of your list of things to worry about.


Modify your online rental application to ask the questions you need answers to.

Document Uploading

Securely accept documents to your rental application including pet photos and photo ID.


Have a connected tablet? Accept an application during the showing and sign on the go.


All payment processing is built in so no need for a separate processor. Free for the landlord.


Every piece of the RentScreener system has been designed to protect you and your applicant.


Safely communicate with your applicant through the system to keep contact information private.

Key details at your fingertips

RentScreener. Bridging the Gap.

Selecting great tenants is critical to successful real estate investing. Once you have a potential tenant, what do you do next? How do you know they will pay their rent on time, or if they are a felon or sex offender? Are they telling the truth? Face it: A credit score doesn't provide an accurate picture of your dream tenant. It's simply one piece of the puzzle. Whether you have one property or one thousand, RentScreener bridges the gap to help you make smart decisions.

The Problem

The issue is that most investors, landlords and small property managers do not manage a high enough volume of properties to qualify as verified screeners. Often investors get into a pickle because they don't have access to essential information to make an informed decision about placing a tenant into their property.

The Solution

RentScreener acts as the screening "bridge." We compile all of the necessary applicant information, and package it into a simple, fully compliant RentReport. Our partnership with Transunion gives us access to the industry's best resident scoring information. A RentGrade is all you need to make an informed rental decision.

Pricing and Fees

There are many fees incurred during an online application transaction including: credit card fees, gateway fees, bank fees, credit, criminal and eviction check fees, secure storage of the data, support staff to both the applicant and the investor, and the secure transaction and storage of sensitive data. RentScreener pays all these fees, which are funded by the price of the application and paid for by the applicant. Typically, an applicant can expect to pay in excess of $40 and even as high as $150 per applicant to a property management company or apartment complex.

Landlord Cost


(No approval process)

Applicant Price


(National Average: $52.00)

RentScreener Pays for:

  • Merchant Fees
  • Bank Fees
  • Website Support
  • Data Storage
  • Report Fees
  • Credit Card Fees
  • Screening Staff
  • Support Staff
  • Software Support

Leverage RentGrade to make informed decisions

Save big on moving from a paper application to an online application by not having to incur any of the transactional fees again. RentScreener's staff provides unbiased RentGrade's that give you the best information to make an informed decision while maintaining compliance.

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You'd be crazy not to use RentScreener

  • Free for the investor and includes credit card transaction costs.
  • No need for in house staff to screen tenants
  • No need for hefty servers for the secure storage of data
  • Rely on the top rated product specialists to help

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