Can I track the progress once I invite a tenant to apply?
Yes. Once you invite a tenant to apply, you can track when they receive the application, when it is filled out, and once RentScreener provides you the RentGrade.
How does the information that you use differ versus other credit bureaus?
Most agencies only look at a FICO score which is very little information to base a good decision on when renting to a tenant.  We use a resident score as a base and then look at other factors which give a more encompassing view of an applicant’s rental ability in comparison a property.
Is the information entered safe and secure?
Yes.  Our rental application has bank level security.  We take additional steps to ensure the security of all data.
What are the benefits of using RentScreener?
RentScreener allows you to make an informed decision while guaranteeing objectivity.
Am I eligible to use RentScreener to screen an applicant?
Yes.  Our process is specifically designed to work for everyone that has a possible tenant.
Pricing / Fees
Can I change the application amount?
Only RentScreener PRO accounts allow you to set your own price. 
Can I issue a refund for a screening?
There are multiple fees involved with the transaction of the screening, and as such, we cannot issue a refund regardless of the situation for Basic accounts.  For Pro accounts you have the ability to issue refunds at your discretion.
How does RentScreener cover the costs of all of the transaction fees?
RentScreener covers the cost of these fees from the cost of the application and convenience fees.
How much does it cost me to accept an application and screen my applicant?
There is no cost to you the investor.  You sign up, invite your application to apply and then RentScreener screens the applicant.  You will then be provided you with a RentReport.
What fees are involved and who pays the fees?
There are many fees incurred during an online application transaction including: credit card fees, credit, criminal and eviction checks, secure storage of the data, applicant and investor support, and the secure transaction and storage of sensitive data.  All of these fees are paid by RentScreener.
What forms of payment are accepted?
We accept MasterCard, VISA, Discover Card and American Express.
What shows up on my credit card?
As an applicant, once you pay for your online application with your credit card, you will see "eRentalApplications" on your credit card statement.
Can I see all of the information from an applicant’s application?
Not all.  We share as much information as possible while maintaining compliance.
Do you call for employment verification?
All employment data is based off of reported information that is reported to the credit bureaus. We do not call to verify that this information is correct.
What items do you check during a screening of an applicant?
There are many factors that make up a RentGrade including but not limited to: a Resident Score, Rent amount, monthly income, criminal history, potential fraud factors, address match, eviction history, name match, report notes from the provided information.
Do you provide a copy of the credit bureau report?
In order to view a report from the credit bureau you have to go through their compliance process.  If you are a property manager and manage over 100 units, visit RentScreener Pro for more information.
Do you provide a FICO score?
We provide as much information as possible while staying inside compliance.  It is illegal for a non-verified company or person to share a FICO score, therefore we do not provide it in the RentReport.
How long does it take to receive a RentReport?
We provide the RentReport in a timely manner once an applicant applys, but it is a human process so we ask you to give us up to 24-48 business hours.
What is a RentGrade?
The level of risk to expect as an investor that an applicant will default in comparison to the specific property. A RentGrade can be either an A, B, C or F. The levels are described in the RentScreener Report.
What is a RentScreener Report?
A RentReport is a comprehensive report on an applicant or applicants that includes the necessary information to make an informed decision when renting to that applicant in comparison to a property.
What is RentScreener?
RentScreener is a tool to reduce the risk of rental default.  It supplies the secure collection of data, the secure transaction of data and also gets real time reports from leading Credit bureaus to decide the RentGrade.
Can I brand the account with my company logo?
RentScreener PRO offers a branding option to include your company logo.
Do I have to go through a company audit process?
No. Start screening today by signing up using your email address without going through an auditing process.
What is RentScreener?
RentScreener is a tool to reduce the risk of rental default.  It supplies the secure collection of data, the secure transaction of data and also gets real time reports from leading Credit bureaus to decide the RentGrade.
Once an Application is started but closed before it is finished, can the applicant get back to the application in progress?
No. We take the security of information very seriously and once an application is closed there is no way to open it back up to continue. It will be necessary for security to start the application over.

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